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Monday, October 24, 2005

Johnny Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean is perhaps most memorable because he was able to create the character of Jack Sparrow, without ever saying "Arrrr" - not even once! That is, the character was impressive in that Johnny portrayed a pirate in a way that no one else ever has - which is pretty remarkable considering cinema today.

I have heard that he based his character on Ozzie Osborne, though that is an unsubstantiated thing at this point. I have never seen an episode of the Osbornes, but I am told that once you make this connection, you see the muse.

But I am not blogging today about Jack Sparrow. Today I blog about another Jack, a real one.

As most of you are already aware, Peter Jackson - that New Zealander who gave us the Lord of the Rings - has been working on a remake of King Kong, and has cast Jack Black as some sort of "director" guy. It is this "Jack" that is of interest to me today.

I watched the trailer for King Kong (visit http://www.apple.com/trailers/) and I must say, the director portrayed by Jack Black seemed so familiar - what was it about him?

Then I realized what was so disturbingly familiar!

Jack Black (as near as I can tell) has based the character of the director on the internet persona of Centuri0n (Frank Turk). I found Frank's blog one day while reading the comments at Phil Johnson's blog (PyroManiac), and have been thankful to make the internet aquaintance.

Now, I have never met Mr. Turk in person (or Jack Black for that matter), but I am still pretty certain that Jack Black has been visiting Centuri0n's site - capturing the nuances as it were, that "cavalier bravado" that we all know and love - and bringing it to the big screen!

Granted Black looses the glasses and dons a fedora - but clearly, as you can see, jack has unapologetically borrowed Centuri0n's essense in order to bring the role to life...

You decide:

Jack Black
in King Kong
Frank (Centuri0n) Turk
Portrayed by Black?

Seriously, I can't watch the trailer now without thinking of Frank. :-D

UPDATE: If you haven't already read Dan's latest blog entry, I suggest giving it a read - it is hilarious. Through means that I would rather not mention, I managed to momentarily acquire the Reverend JJ's Magic eight ball - reasoning that if it was able to give such profound strength to the Rev. JJ's arguments, it should easily be able to answer the question about Jack Black and Centuri0n. See for yourselves:

The defense rests.
posted by Daniel @ 12:58 PM  
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