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Monday, October 30, 2006
You're Not The Boss Of Me.
You're Not The Boss Of Me!!!We have all heard it in the playground - the little one who is called upon to submit to some request, but finds the request contrary to their own motives at the moment, and though they are but a child, they cry out, "You're not the boss of me!" If they were adults, perhaps they would word it this way, "I will not have you to reign over me."

The owner and captain of the seafaring vessel is its final authority when that ship is at sea. The only way a crew can refuse to surrender to the captain's authority, is by usurping that authority for themselves. They want the captain's vessel, but not his rule - so they seize his ship, and do away with him.

But what if they couldn't do away with the captain?

Picture this kind of mutiny, if you can...

Crew: We refuse to have you as our captain!
Captain: I -am- your Captain.
Crew: Never the less, we will not have you reign over us!
Captain: You refuse my rule at your own peril.
Crew: Never the less, we will not have you reign over us!
Captain: I and I alone hold the key to the room where the provisions are kept. Only I can feed you, and keep you alive - you cannot intend to impose yourselves upon me daily to provide you the provisions by which you will remain healthy and well fed so as to continue your mutiny?
Crew: We can and we will. We reject you and your rule - whatever the peril!
Captain: But I, and I alone, can navigate this ship to safe harbor - there is no other pilot for this vessel but myself. To reject me is to condemn yourself. Is this one voyage more precious to you than the harbor?
Crew: There is no harbor! There is only this voyage, and while on this voyage we will not have you reign over us!
Captain: Surely, the fact that you are on a ship between harbors demonstrates the fact that there is a harbor? Are you so blind?
Crew: Never the less, we will not have you reign over us!
Captain: Is this not because you misunderstand the purpose and nature of my rule? It is for your own good that I rule over you. I and I alone know how to run this ship, and even I and only I understand how to bring each one of you the greatest joy on this ship! I know each one of you, I know your strengths, I know your failings - did I not hand pick you? I know what this ship needs, and my rule reflects a perfect harmony that will satisfy one and all so that each is content, and no one more so than anyone else. It is not a Lording for my own benefit, but a caring stewardship I embark upon because I have determined to do good for each one of you.
Crew: Blah, blah, blah! We don't want to listen to you because we like it better doing what we want to do when we want to do it. Your reign is waaaaay to restrictive.
Captain: I don't think you understand... I hold -your- life in my hand moment by moment, and whether you obey my rule or not, this will not, and indeed cannot change. You are alive moment by moment because I am a merciful captain. My rule protects you, and under my rule you are like my own dear children - nothing I have will I withhold from you. Were that not enough, consider the alternative - left to your own devices you will perish utterly, having no power in yourselves to sustain your own existence here on the sea. You -need- me, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to sustain you and support you - I will even deal with your mutiny as though it never happened - but I cannot do that for you if you reject me.
Crew: We don't want to be reconciled to you, we want to have your ship, and all that is on it - and have you go away!
Captain: I cannot go away, or you would all perish. You are alive because I am here to feed, clothe, and protect you. Without me, you would all die.
Crew: Be that as it may, that doesn't give you the right to rule over us!
Captain: Yes it does. You're on my ship - I am the Captain - but you intend to reject my rule, while staying aboard my ship. You plan to take advantage of my patience and mercy - coming to me daily for both food and drink knowing full well that the strength you receive from my provision you are going to use to continue your rebellion - and worse, you know that I know that, and yet you will still come and impose your needs upon me, though you reject me?
Crew: Yes. That is correct.
Captain: You plan to eat, sleep, and live out your life at -my- expense, on my ship? Do you not understand that I own all the land where we would harbor? You are on this ship for the sole reason of going to that harbor. It is there that I intend to give you an inheritance. Do you not know that I am the wealthiest man there is? How will you come into your inheritance if you perish out here on the sea?
Crew: You lie. We have no inheritance!
Captain: I do not lie. There is an inheritance for everyone of you who accepts my rule.
Crew: It isn't worth it.
Captain: Who will reign over you if not me?
Crew (altogether): Me!

<thus ensues an awkward silence as each person looks to the other people and rejects their rule as well...>

Captain: Do you not see the folly now? If you will not submit to my rule, the problem isn't my rule, it is your heart - you will not submit to anyone - don't you see that? There is no hope for a kingdom that begins divided. None of you has any power to rule, since ownership is inherent in the right to rule and none of you owns even his own self? Do you not see that you are doomed if you embark upon this course? If you will not obey my rule, you are condemning yourselves.
Crew: Never the less, we will not have you reign over us!
Captain: Come, let us reason together! You cannot insist on this course - it is self destructive!
Crew: Nuh-uh. We will rule ourselves and be happy.
Captain: Happiness? Pleasures maybe, but no happiness. Ever you will toil to take from one another what can only be given by me. Your greed has blinded you - you are become senseless - nevertheless, I pity you, and shall find a way to restore as many of you as will come to me and accept my rule.
Crew: We do not want to come to you, you are repulsive to us.
Captain: How is it that you desire the work of my hands, but reject the hands that made it? Do you not understand that I made your food tasty because I desire to give you joy in eating? Do you not know that I designed this ship myself - this ship that satisfies you so? I designed it to give you joy, and you do enjoy it - but you reject the one who designed this joy for you? Do you not see that as a little inconsistent? You would have all that I provide because you love it - and reject the one who designed it to be lovable? The one who put you on this boat in order that you should enjoy these very things that you are now enjoying - do you not see that when you reject me, you are also rejecting all that I made? For now I am allowing you to partake of the work of my hand, but when we reach the harbor, if you are still rejecting me I will allow you to receive the full fruit of your rejection - and you shall be bereft of those things which you now enjoy? Surely this strikes you as madness? Everything that you would seize from me is mine - and will stay with me when you depart. You cannot take what is mine with you when you reject me. You can enjoy it now, but a day is coming and will certainly come when this ship will land on shore, and when it does, all that is mine shall return to me, and you will not even have what you in your blindness imagine to be yours by right.
Crew: We don't believe you.
Captain: Listen to me - if you reject me, you reject everything that I give as well. Do you not taste and see -daily- that I am good? You do!
Crew: We do not! Your rule is a burden, and we will not bear it!
Captain: You have until this ship reaches the shore - until that time I will provide for you, and if you will have my rule, I will give you an inheritance as a child of my own - as was always intended for you. If you continue to reject me, when we reach the shore I will grant you the desire of your heart, and I will depart from you forever - but know that when I go, all that you think is yours comes with me.
Crew: That is not fair - you should give us everything that we want, then let us go away to do with it as we please.
Captain: Your understanding of what is fair is more than a little twisted. What is -fair- is that I immediately take away everything that I am currently giving, and set you on shore right now. But instead I am giving you a chance, while we are on the way to shore - to give up this mutiny.
Crew: That isn't fair - we deserve to have everything that we want, to live in peace and comfort - it is our right!
Captain: That is what I am offering you - but you are rejecting it.
Crew: No, we are rejecting YOU -not peace and comfort!
Captain: Peace is only possible where men live in harmony - and there is no harmony in a heart that will not compromise itself for another. You cannot have peace aside from my rule, since in rejecting my rule you establish the very discordance that destroys all peace. Comfort comes from peace, and where there is no peace, there is no comfort. In rejecting my rule, you are rejecting peace and comfort.
Crew: Now you're just talking in circles. We will make our own peace, we will make our own comfort.
Captain: With whom can you make peace? If these will not obey a just Captain, do you expect them to obey fellow mutineers?
Crew: Enough! We will not have you rule over us - Now fix us some grub!


We could go on, and maybe, since it would be fun, we could make them all talk like pirates, but the point should be pretty obvious - that that kind of mutiny is absolutely insane. To reject the rule of God is to reject God Himself. God designed us to take pleasure in many things - but to pursue the pleasure at the expense of the one who created pleasure itself is the very definition of an "empty pursuit."

Everything in life tells us that our Creator is worthy of our worship. We obey in order to walk in the light - and it is through this walk in the light that God makes himself known to us. The greatest lie in the world is the idea that becoming a Christian means giving up everything that brings you pleasure - it is the exact opposite. Failing to become a Christian means rejecting forever the very things which in rejecting Christ they imagine themselves to be grasping.
posted by Daniel @ 8:51 AM  
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