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Daniel's posts are almost always pastoral and God centered. I appreciate and am challenged by them frequently. He has a great sense of humor as well.
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This post contains nothing that is of any use to me. What were you thinking? Anyway, it's probably the best I've read all day.
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Daniel, nicely done and much more original than Frank the Turk.
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There are some people who are smart, deep, or funny. There are not very many people that are all 3. Daniel is one of those people. His opinion, insight and humor have kept me coming back to his blog since I first visited earlier this year.
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Monday, September 18, 2006
Thank Frank.
attack indeed!Last week I had the opportunity to guest blog at Frank Turk's blog (and his ministers a flame of fire). I did feel somewhat of a proverbial bull in the china shop - but took some solace in the comforting thought that I was not alone - and that there were capable people sharing the guest blogging privilege with me. You know how that works - you would never want to be the dude who single-handedly cut down the lovely tree in front of your church because you wanted more parking space - but if you can rally three or four leaders to make the decision as a committee - well, then you can muster an anonymity-induced hand-strengthening that gives you boldness to do all sorts of things that you wouldn't do if the spot light were on you and only you.

In that sense I took courage - at least I was one of many, and if I messed up, perhaps it would be buried quickly and no one would notice.

Anyway - it turned out for the better. There were some great posts made by the other (active) side kicks - Carla, Nate, and Matt (Gumby)- and I am sure they all had as much fun as I did. Like everyone else, I was looking forward to sneaking a peek at Frank's template - but that old fox must have known that we would head to the template first - so he limited our access to simply posting and editing only our own posts. Never the less - it was a hoot.

Best of all, well, the most fun part for me at least - was that Frank promoted me from "nobody" to official side-kick on his blog, and in so doing, may have inadvertantly propelled Kim to stalker status (Kim has met both my family and Carla's family in "real life" - and since we are both side kicks... you don't need to be a scientest to see what is going on - Kim must be stalking Frank!)

I would tell Neil about it - but he might be "in" on it, as I am sure he has also met Carla - hmmm. Come to think of it, my presumption is that it must be a whole-family stalking. I wonder if they like banjo music?

Anyway - I plan to post something of substance later today - well, not really substantial - but less frivolous.
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