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Thursday, February 23, 2006
The Sony Peg-TH55

This is a Sony PEG-TH55 Palm Pilot.

Mine died about two weeks ago - after I zapped it with a static charge. I tried everything, but it was dead as a door-nail. I took it apart, I looked at this and that, wiggled some wires - nothing. I tried hard resetting it, soft resetting it, resetting it when it was on the charge, hard resetting it on the charge - you name it, I tried it all. Dead, dead, dead.

Slowly, over the course of these past days the charge in the battery dissipated.

My last hope was that once the battery was completely discharged, I might be able to recharge it once again. So last night I tried it - still dead. I put it on the charger for an hour and gave it a shot.

It worked.

You might not find that very interesting - but I have been praying that God would give me insight into living right before him. And that insight comes by way of the "spin" my understanding of scripture can put on events.

When the palm pilot was zapped, the battery was still fully charged, and I don't doubt that it was because of that static discharge that a diode (an electronic switch) inside my palm pilot went zener (diodes allow current to flow in only one direction through the circuit - if you apply a great enough voltage to the diode however, it can "open" and allow current to flow backwards - this backward flow is described as the "zener" potential. All diodes have a zener rating, and once they go zener, they stay zener till the flow stops.) My hope therefore was that rather than frying an FET (Field Effect Transmitters are notoriously easy to fry...), I was hoping that I had a zener issue. It was a long shot, but it was my last shot.

The picture therefore is that of an electronic device that is fully charged and even electronically sound - but in a zener state and utterly useless until the charge is entirely gone and a new charge given.

In my zeal however, I kept hoping that I could charge it up before it was actually discharged. So for the first couple of days, I would put it on the charger and try it again. It was still dead. In fact, had I put it on the charger every day, it would still be dead today, because the charge was the very thing that was keeping it dead.

Not unlike self effort in our Christian walk. We try and become better, deeper Christians by doing those activities that we imagine better and deeper Christians do. We pour our effort into our Christian experience just as I was pouring electricity into my palm pilot - but no matter what effort we make, it doesn't help the fact that we are dead, dead, dead. Just as charging my palm pilot arrested the possibility that my palm pilot would come back to life - so too, everything we do that isn't born of faith keeps Christ from living in us.

Just as my palm pilot could not "come back to life" until it was completely dead, so too, no Christian can claim to be alive until they have died with Christ on the cross.
posted by Daniel @ 10:42 AM  
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