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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Dental instruments
A few months back I had the pleasure of going out for lunch with one of my co-workers. As it turns out, a local proprietorship was going out of business and in perusing the sale items I came across some dental tools - those wonderfully ornate and twisted metal picks that dentists use to fiddle with your teeth? They were on sale for a ridiculous price - like a dollar or two, and I determined to purchase them for the novelty of it - thinking to myself at the time - why should I pay someone else to clean my teeth?

Well, as it turned out, home dentistry is not really my forté, so they have been sitting in my desk at work doing nothing since that day - that is, sitting and doing nothing until this morning!

This morning one of my co-workers (who happens to be a highschool friend of my wife's) came to my desk in a frustrated state because she had wanted to take her watch band apart to see how it worked (or something like that) and now could not put it back together.

You can imagine my joy (well, if you knew my quirky sense of humor, you could imagine my joy) when I looked soberly at her problem, and silently, and with professional dignity, reached into my desk and pulled out an assorted collection picks and whatnot - then selecting an appropriate one from the bunch, nonchalantly and with profound celerity, repaired her wayward watchband.
I don't know if most people can appreciate this sort of humor, but I just find it funny when someone comes to you with some obscure task that has given them so much grief and frustration that they actually approach you about it to enlist your help (not unlike searching the whole house over for your keys or wallet - and then, in frustrated hysteria, opening the fridge to make sure that you didn't somehow put it in there - that is the extreme frustration I am speaking of). Now when this flustered person came to my desk, it was apparent that she was resigned already to her fate - her watch band was broken and really, she was asking for help out of that sort of desperation that doesn't honestly anticipate deliverance.

So as she begins to tell the tale to my expressionless facade, I meekly reach over and pull out the perfect tools for the job, and in seconds fix her problem, never once cracking any sort of 'this is so out of the ordinary" expression or explaining why it is that a computer programmer has dental tools on hand, and is apparently skilled in their use.

Such humor, to me is like a word spoken well at an appropriate time - it is just sweet.
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