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Wednesday, August 19, 2009
My iPhone Review
OK, seriously. It's a great phone.

The sound is the best I have ever heard for a cell, and the interface is quite intuitive. Let's face it, when it comes to "being pretty" the crew at apple Apple know their stuff.

So as a phone, I give it a big thumbs up.

But no one buys an iPhone just because it is a great handset. We buy it because you can put everything from games to sermons (text, audio, or video) on it. Olive tree has a very slick bible program too - I have the entire ESV study bible (images, notes and all) happily installed, along with an NASB, a Greek NT, and several free books (such as Calvin's Institutes). But there are apps for all kinds of stuff. I never have to worry about where the nearest coffee shop is - zap! There it is with a map to show me how to get from where I am to where I am going. Do I want to surf the net? Read the feeds? Send/receive email? It's all there, and slick too. In fact I am posting this from an app that let's me post posts to my blogger account right now. I can even post screenshots from the phone directly:

It's not all roses however, being a computer, it can crash if an app doesn't know how to handle some unforseen mangle of UI commands, and that can cause a reboot. Which is kinda scary, but even then you just pick up where you left off usually. I expect as much. The OS is solid, but some apps, particularly some of the free ones, can come in ... Let's say ... under-tested.

As far as Internet usage goes, I am a power user. I connect all the time with frivolous abandon, and in two weeks I am still under a gigabyte of data. My plan gives six gigs a month, so I think I am safe for a while at least.

Anyway, I gotta get to work. Sometimes I turn on GPS tracker so the kids can watch my ride in realtime on a google map over breakfast (looks like dad is on the bridge now), but the novelty of that has already worn thin.

Bottom line? If you love toys that go beep, this is the ultimate toy.

-- Posted From My iPhone
posted by Daniel @ 7:34 AM  
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