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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Thoughts on Ecclesiastes 11:4
"He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap." [NASB]

The sower who refuses to go out and sow because today is not a "perfect" day, will not reap. They see that it is cloudy or windy and by these observations they content themselves in inactivity because surely, unless the day is perfect, one would be crazy to sow... right?

The truism here might not be as evident to those of us who buy our bread at the store, but if you were growing everything you ate, you would understand the truth of this passage a little more clearly. Those who actually want to eat, don't sit at home waiting for the perfect day to come along so that they can sow seed. They get out there and sow, and they do so because if they don't, they will not eat. Yes, it is much easier to sow in the sunshine, on a calm day - and I bet more seed will take root on such a day as that, than would take root on a rainy or windy day - but if one only planted on the perfect days, one would not have enough to eat, for such days are few and far between. So just as "normal" people would sow regardless of the weather in order to eat later - so the passage teaches us wisdom, for what is true of sowing and reaping is true elsewhere.

I know most of us who have been raised in evangelism immediately turn to the parable of the sower, and stamp a gospel application upon the verse. The application is fit and right - don't wait for the perfect day to share the gospel, because if you do so you will have a meager harvest. Share the gospel in season and out of season - share the gospel with the mindset that there is never going to be a perfect day, and share the gospel with the mindset that God causes the seed to take root and grow, even in a storm - and that all your skill as a sower can't make even one seed grow.

Yes, do that.

But don't imagine that because this verse applies aptly to sharing the gospel that this is the full intent of the verse.

The verse is talking about justifying procrastination and inactivity.

Consider the man who is gifted as a teacher/leader/pastor, but who refuses to pursue that end because he is waiting for hismelf to become the perfect Christian first. Sure, he will make a great pastor when he becomes the perfect Christian (as if that's going to happen?), but he will actually reap more if he sows without justifying his procrastination.

Consider the older woman in the congregation who is waiting for her doctrine to be perfected before she dares to instruct the younger women, or maybe she is waiting for the younger women to like her, or some other perfect scenario.

What about you? I mean, I don't write these posts to get Amens, I write 'em in case the Lord wants to say something to you the reader about something you are procrastinating on because you are waiting for a perfection that isn't coming, and you need to be jolted by God's word so that you hear, for the first time maybe, that now is the day for sowing, and that waiting for the perfect day is a cop out that we use to excuse our inactivity. Our generation doesn't want to do anything until we got a hundred percent guarantee that it'll all work out perfectly.

Do you know there is something you ought to be doing, but you are waiting for the best day? Then this post was for you.


posted by Daniel @ 8:13 AM  
  • At 8:59 AM, June 20, 2009, Blogger donsands said…

    From the first hour God's amazing grace touches a dead sinner's soul this same new creation will be doing things for the kingdom of heaven instead of his own flesh.

    It's God who works in us to will and to do.

    I looked back and saw how my conversion took root. In my early years I was a new plant with a few buds, and it was fresh and I was bold in ways I'm not as much anymore.

    Now I'm lacking the enthusiasm I once had, and yet am more mature in my theology and wisdom (wise as a snake).

    I need to hear posts like these because I can procrastinate for sure.
    Especially with my business and company.

    Thanks for the good words Daniel, and may the Lord continue to inspire others through your wisdom He has imparted to you. Amen.

  • At 2:11 PM, June 20, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'll still give you an "Amen." :)

    This post should strike everyone somewhere because we are all guilty of not doing what we know we should and there are many excuses and justifications. I am often lamenting that I'm not able to - fill in the blank - like some other woman and mother I know. Therefore, I'm not a good mom and I should just quit and do everyone a favor 'cause I'll only screw up my kids because I can't bake as well, or sew, or grow a vegetable garden, or whatever.
    My calling is a mother right now. I know I am to homeschool. Thank you for the kick in the pants to keep moving forward and doing what needs to be done no matter how inadequate I feel.

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