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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
When I was 18, I was (for some reason) much stronger and more fit that I find myself today. I notice this especially when I wake up in the morning after a day of "real" work. Not that being an IT professional isn't physically punishing, it is - I mean, sitting and wiggling your fingers for hours on end? I know I have increased by touch typing speed at least 15 wpm since I started out in the trade - but the punishment from my job is that because you sit all day it slowly wreaks havoc on your back, and there is a danger of carpal tunnel syndrome, or some other typing related repetitive stress injury.

On Sunday, starting at about three o'clock in the afternoon I began to tear out the carpets and underlay in my house in preparation for the install of some hard wood floors. My oldest daughter developed eczema shortly ever a bad bout of chicken pox, our hope is that the HWFs will ease some of that.

After twelve hours of bending over and tearing, and plucking a zillion staples, I woke up fresh as an aching daisy, to work another eight hours on helping the guys who came over to do the install. I say, helping, but really it was mostly standing around - yet, (as we say up here in Canada), "I gotta tells ya" I am feeling my years this morning. Part of the work is hauling furniture from one room to another, and trying to lift a full size sofa from the basement to the upstairs by yourself can be tiring and frustrating. It also brings into a very harsh light, the gap between the "you" you were at 20 and the "you" you are today. Maybe my memory is rose colored - you know, maybe I think I was much more fit that I was - but it seems to me that everything is heavier now, makes me tired faster, and even takes much longer to recover from than it used to be.

I finally got the computer connected again today, but I am too busy to babysit the blog. I thought vacations were supposed to be restful?


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