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About Me: I used to believe that evolution was reasonable, that homosexuality was genetic, and that people became Christians because they couldn't deal with the 'reality' that this life was all there was. I used to believe, that if there was a heaven - I could get there by being good - and I used to think I was more or less a good person. I was wrong on all counts. One day I finally had my eyes opened and I saw that I was not going to go to heaven, but that I was certainly going to suffer the wrath of God for all my sin. I saw myself as a treasonous rebel at heart - I hated God for creating me just to send me to Hell - and I was wretched beyond my own comprehension. Into this spiritual vacuum Jesus Christ came and he opened my understanding - delivering me from God's wrath into God's grace. I was "saved" as an adult, and now my life is hid in Christ. I am by no means sinless, but by God's grace I am a repenting believer - a born again Christian.
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Daniel's posts are almost always pastoral and God centered. I appreciate and am challenged by them frequently. He has a great sense of humor as well.
- Marc Heinrich

His posts are either funny or challenging. He is very friendly and nice.
- Rose Cole

[He has] good posts, both the serious like this one, and the humorous like yesterday. [He is] the reason that I have restrained myself from making Canadian jokes in my posts.
- C-Train

This post contains nothing that is of any use to me. What were you thinking? Anyway, it's probably the best I've read all day.
- David Kjos

Daniel, nicely done and much more original than Frank the Turk.
- Jonathan Moorhead

There are some people who are smart, deep, or funny. There are not very many people that are all 3. Daniel is one of those people. His opinion, insight and humor have kept me coming back to his blog since I first visited earlier this year.
- Carla Rolfe
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
I am an information professional, and I work with other computer specialists. I have worked in both sides of the IT fence: the hardware/networking and the programming side of things. The people I work with are likewise programmers and whatnot. Even if the statistics didn't say as much (see: Computer Occ), working with these people I have come to see that they are all very bright, intelligent folk.

So what would you expect a bunch of nerds like us to play during our breaks? That's right, Dungeons and Drago... wait, no, that's not right. We play Backgammon.

Backgammon? You mean that game that looks like a cross between Yahtzee and miniature shuffleboard?

Yup. That's the one.

You see, one day one of the fellows here purchased a regal looking Backgammon board, and on a lark brought it into work to see if anyone was interested. In his home country of Greece, apparently it was all the rage amongst the elderly, and for reasons of nostalgia, he thought he might try playing it, but needed someone to play with. To be sure, at first we were rather aloof as a group. Backgammon? Why not something more cerebral? Why play a game that depends so heavily upon chance rolls of the dice?

I think all of us had played at some time or another in our lives, and had found the game not really worthy of any special attention. Solitaire would have been preferable; yet because there was nothing else going on, and because we have the ability to generate reports and statistics based upon game play, four of us took to playing with a zeal.

We have now logged over 830 games, complete with who played, who one, what date the game was played, and what the outcome was in points. Then we run reports against the data to see how we all compare. What we have found is that no one rose above the rest as a champion - we are all pretty much dead even after a few hundred games.

I know, you are expecting some profound thing here, but that's it. We play backgammon. I am surprised by how subtle a game it is, and thought others could share vicariously in my inane joy. I am not at the place where I can say "Backgammon Rules", and I don't expect to find that place, but at least I am not writing about Halloween.


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