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Thursday, February 02, 2006
It is a BOY!

Yesterday morning my wife's water broke, but she wasn't feeling any contractions. To be sure, she went in to see our family physician - the internal exam showed that she was two centimeters dilated, and our doctor said that labor would likely start tonight, and if it did not, my wife would have to be induced.

She called me at work and told me this - which explains my previous post - and I came home an hour early. She was in bed trying to nap, but too "busy in her brain" as she puts it, to fall asleep. I ended up making us some supper - figuring she would need her strength up.

She had felt a few labor pains earlier, about fifteen minutes apart - but then there was nothing for a while. So we tried to get some more sleep - but ended up just sort of laying there relaxing. Within half an hour, her labor pains began in earnest - and quickly went from 12 minutes apart to 6 minutes, to sporadic.

Our doctor had planned to meet us at the hospital where we would be delivering the baby. She is a great doctor - insisting on staying with her patient (if at all possible) for the duration of the labor, as well as the delivery.

So we called the Doctor, and agreed to meet at the hospital.

We got to the hospital about nine or so, and because our doctor was meeting us there, we got to skip triage (it is where they examine you to see if you are actually in labor or not) - and were whisked into a nice, private room.

I won't bother with all the details, but shortly after our doctor showed up, my wife gave birth to a healthy 7 lb 2 oz baby boy!

The baby has a mess of blonde hair - and looks simply wonderful!

Thank you everyone who prayed for us, the whole labor lasted about two and a half hours, and the actual delivery was quite quick, less than five minutes. We were all quite happy with it!

Mother is doing well - and the baby had no trouble at all nursing. What a blessing that was.

Anyway, I am beat, and need to get to sleep so I can rush out of here and go back to the hospital as soon as I wake up.

Grace and Peace everyone!
posted by Daniel @ 2:52 AM  
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