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Monday, August 08, 2005
Marriage and Divorce.
One devastating side effect of postmodern philosophy on our culture is its effect on marriage and divorce. In the name of tolerance, it has become vogue to remove moral imposition wherever it may be found. Good gravy, we don't want to impose our subjective morality upon anyone else's subjective morality - that would be intolerant!

Today, people divorce one another because they find the marriage unprofitable. Not necessarily money wise either - perhaps they are not getting as much attention as the expected. Perhaps they are not getting as much excitement as they feel they should. Perhaps they aren't being made happy enough by the marriage - whatever the case, the overwhelming opinion is that unless the marriage is profiting you in some way, you have every right to dissolve it. Adultery is no longer taboo, but just one of many reasons for divorce - and even if it is the reason, so what? It isn't like you were doing anything out of the ordinary.

Unless a person is steeped in the word of God, they will take their moral direction from the society in which they live. It is a relative scale too - the most 'moral' person adheres to the highest ideals promoted by the society in which they find themselves and the least moral person does not adhere to the standards set up society. In societies where Christianity has had influence, the morality of the society may somewhat resemble the morality of the bible - but as that society loses its Christian influence, so too, the moral similarity is lost.

"Post Christian" North American society is working hard to lose every ounce of Christian morality that has managed to hold influence in the past - such that what once was considered morally despicable (adultery) is now considered a morally inert relational inconvenience. We console ourselves throughout this moral decay with a philosophy that no doubt was authored by Satan himself - we reminding ourselves that we are only human; we are insignificant and powerless in the grand scheme.

So it is that divorce has become acceptable, and even expected.

Bible believing Christians however must deal with the fall-out of this post modern thinking. What do you tell a new born believer who has been through three marriages before they came to the Lord and now wants to embark on another?

The bible is clear - God hates divorce, and only allows it when one of the couple commits adultery, or, in the case of a married couple where one becomes a believer - if the unbelieving spouse of that believer chooses to walk away from the marriage on account of that believer's faith - then divorce is allowable.

That means that even if a person is divorced through the current legal system - God doesn't consider them divorced unless there was adultery, or the case of an unbelieving spouse leaving a believer. In God's eyes, regardless of any legal paper we might possess to the contrary - that couple is still married, and remains married and obligated to one another until such time as one of them commits adultery - at which time the other may choose to dissolve the marriage.

I will write more on this.
posted by Daniel @ 4:46 PM  
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