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Monday, April 03, 2006
Back In The Saddle Again
For those of you who follow my blog - you know I have had to put aside cycling the ten miles to and from work every day (20 miles daily) because of "winter."

Winter is the time of year where I get next to nothing for exercise, and put on many extra pounds because I have gotten used to eating like someone who has been daily burning an extra thousand calories or so. ;-)

So I have been looking forward to the spring thaw, so that I can begin riding again. Today marks the first day of the season that I am riding "full time" again. Rain or shine, cold or warm - I anticipate riding five days a week from here on through to December.

Don't imagine that all the snow is gone in Winterpeg either. The streets are "mostly" clean - but there is a lot of snow out there still. Thankfully it looks like the next few days we will have a high pressure system hovering over us - which means warmer temperatures (a little above 10 degrees Celcius) - which should help the thaw, though it will make the roads wet, and even dirty. It will be many weeks before we start to see those street cleaning machines sweeping away the debris that has built up in the last five or six months - but was held suspended in snow until now.

Last year I started in May, and cycled until November - losing somewhere around 35 pounds in the process. But some of that came back over the winter. My target last year was to get down to 165 by my anniversary (August 15) - I made it down to 173 or so - and when I had missed the mark - I started taking it easy thereafter. I hope getting in an extra month this time, and starting from a lower weight than last year - I will be able to hit that target this year on the same date;

Of all the anniversary presents I have ever given my wife - apparently being her favorite is having me "fit." Being a computer programmer means sitting on my bottom for eight hour stretches - a task that carries its own stress - mostly in the shortening of the hamstrings from curling your legs under you ( a bad habit of mine) - and poor posture - resulting in lower back pain and whatnot. Anyone who thinks that sedantary jobs are great hasn't worked one. My favorite job that I ever had was teaching college - but after that - it was being a janitor.

Anyway - it begins today. See you in skinny land.


posted by Daniel @ 3:35 PM  
  • At 8:26 AM, April 19, 2006, Blogger marc said…

    Way to go bro! I need to ride more. Are you going to put your little mileage meter back up?

  • At 10:06 AM, April 20, 2006, Blogger Daniel said…

    I think I will put the mileage meter back up - though I wouldn't mind making a script for it so that I don't have to update my template all the time. I have been slack in addressing it though.

    Congratulations yourself too Marc - it is certainly great to see your effort paying off in pounds, or is that paying in pounds off?

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