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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
T4G 2018
Last night a group of us who are going to T4G - i.e. the Together for the Gospel conference this coming April, met to register, book our flights, and decide upon accommodations together.

Myself and my friend Dan decided during the 2016 conference that we ought to do whatever we could to bring our wives the next time we went to the conference.  I began upon our return to set aside a little money every month in order to have the funds I would need to bring my wife along with me the next time we went.  Though I am an associate pastor, I am not on salary, and our humble budget runs too far in the humble department to provide for anyone but our Senior pastor to go on the trip.  Thankfully with planning and and frugal living, we'll be able to go.

Last time we went, there were four of us, myself, Dan, his son Joel - who is the other associate pastor, and a friend of our also named Dan (Yes, three Dan's and a Joel).  The third Dan wasn't available to meet with the rest of us last night, but I believe he intends to join us along with one or more of his son's, and possibly his wife.  Likewise our friend Lora from church - a worship leader who is cooler than all of us put together, and can really, really sing nice, as well as play the guitar - is coming also, along with a couple we've known from our previous church, Adam and Mel, who will be driving, and friend of Joel's I haven't met named Mark, who couldn't make the meeting either, but who will be travelling with us.   Adam and Mel will be driving down to Kentucky, with Lora, but the rest of us booked flights.

Being Canadian, we were all able to take advantage of the International attendant pricing for the conference, which was further reduced because we registered as "early birds".  All that was left was to settle on our accommodations.

The last time we were there we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on South 4th Street, near the local Hard Rock Cafe.  Our stay there had been pleasant enough, but the hotel was just far enough away from the conference to make lunch hours very tight.  So we wanted to try for the Galt House hotel this time.  My wife and I booked an executive suite at the Galt House, as did my friend Dan and his wife Kathy.  Joel also booked a room for himself and his friend Mark (or was it Mike? Bah, I'll find out sooner or later).  Adam and Mel, because they will be driving, booked at the Best Western a few miles away, but Lora will alternate one night with my wife and I, and the next with Dan and Kathy.

We arrive Monday evening, and are planning on taking a day trip on Tuesday to see the Ark.  It's about an hour and a half drive each way, so we'll probably leave early in the morning.  It'd be nice if there was a shuttle that went out, but I haven't found anything like that.  We'll probably rent a van for the day.

If any of my online friends plan to attend, let me know - it'd be great to get together  (for the gospel!)

I know I am already stoked about the conference!

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