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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
More on Paul's epistle..
One notes that the epistle to the Romans begins with an appeal to the scriptures. The Messiah was not some innovation Paul (or anyone else) dreamed up, but was Someone whom God had promised (in the scriptures) to send to His people -- the same God who raised Jesus from the dead. It was this God who appointed Paul to be His apostle, and charged Paul to bring about the obedience of faith among the nations - for the sake of God's honor.

The bible doesn't explicitly describe how the church in Rome began, but it does say that there were present at Pentecost, Jews and (Gentile) proselytes who lived throughout the Mediterranean basin (including Rome), who had made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to be present on the day of Pentecost (c.f. Acts 2:10). Most likely these "Roman" Jews and Gentile proselytes were converted at Pentecost, and returned to Rome as a congregation of new Christian converts.

Paul wrote the epistle to the Romans around 56 A.D. (a couple of decades after Pentecost). In that time I expect that some of the members of this new congregation would have travelled elsewhere, and come into contact with other believers (perhaps even visiting Jerusalem and receiving doctrinal instruction from the Apostles theme selves. Yet even though this is likely, the fact that the Holy Spirit moved Paul to write this epistle is evidence enough to tell us that this congregation was in need of instruction in the very foundational doctrines that explain Christianity. Paul introduces himself to this congregation as the Apostle whom God has charged with bringing about the obedience of faith among the nations (i.e. among such Gentile converts as were living in Rome and receiving Paul's epistle).

A lot of commentaries look to Romans 1:16-17 as the summary statement for all that Paul is about to write, but Romans 1:5 is helpful in putting what Paul is about to write into perspective. By his own testimony, he is charged by God to bring about obedience to the faith. Paul wrote this as the first work in bringing about this obedience to the faith in the believers at Rome, and what is foundational for their faith is also foundational for my faith, and yours also if you are in Christ.

Thank God for this, because what Paul is teaching in this epistle applies to every believer who intends to pursue that same obedience of faith which the Apostle was charged to bring about. What he has written to these Christians in Rome, the Holy Spirit has preserved for your instruction in the very same thing. Do you want to know what God expects of you Christian? Devour Paul's epistle to the Romans - it is Christianity 101 - it is the foundation of Christ explained.


posted by Daniel @ 9:48 AM  
  • At 9:28 AM, March 29, 2012, Blogger Daniel said…

    A lot of people tell new converts to read the Gospel of John. But I don't really think that is all that helpful, given that the reason they say this is because John's gospel, more than the synoptic gospels, exalts the divinity of Christ. I don't think new converts are struggling with Christ's divinity - I think they are struggling with how to be a Christian.

    While I direct them to read the whole bible (beginning to end), and to keep doing so for the rest of their lives, I also tell them to study the Pauline epistles, but in particular, to study the book of Romans - because it was written to instruct new believers in the faith.

  • At 8:27 AM, April 02, 2012, Blogger donsands said…

    Great thought on Romans. My pastor taught through the whole book, and now I have it down. (Just kidding). But, it was beneficial to hear the whole epistle taught from the pulpit, and to take notes. I shall forever read this incredible book of our Lord's Word.
    Thanks for the good post Daniel.

    If you could lift me in prayer, I'd appreciate your intercession. I have been having some memory issues. I shall be seeing my doctor this morning. Thanks bro. Our Abba Father hears us, as His holy Son Jesus sits by His side for us, who is our Eternal King and Brother.

  • At 8:35 AM, April 02, 2012, Blogger Daniel said…


    I will certainly pray for you, and have already prayed as soon as I read your comment.

    Grace to you Don.


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