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Tuesday, September 06, 2011
Ode To A Spider
Spider, spider, as brown as bark,
With pointed legs and bristles dark,
I shivered in my very core,
When glanced I you upon my floor.

How dare you sir, invade my home;
And make my house your place to roam!
At once I knew what I must do,
And quick as rain I fetched my shoe.

The sneaker strikes, your body warps,
No coffin for your curled up corpse,
No velvet cask, no pomp, no plush,
Just water swirling as I flush.

When done you were, I stopped and mused,
What makes me long to see you bruised?
What drives me on to loathe you so?
Why could I not just let you go?

The truth be told, it was because,
I have no say in what it does.
Were it able to heed my voice,
And do my will by its own choice,

I suppose it wouldn't creep me out,
For I would say, "Don't stir about!"
And if it heeded my command,
I'm sure it's presence I could stand.

Sure it's icky when it's dangly,
Or darting 'bout on legs so gangly,
But if it stayed in my back yard
I'd have no cause to see it marred.

Spider spider, so brown as bark,
The time has come to disembark,
Your willfulness I won't abide,
That's why you've sailed the porcelain tide.

-Daniel van de Laar

I embellished the poem a little, to make it rhyme, but by and large that is the tale of my morning.

As I was coming down the stairs into the foyer this morning, this rather large brown and hairy spider darted across the stairs just as I was walking past. I started at the icky movement, and that loathing of all things icky took control of me, and I quickly killed the thing. It didn't die the first strike or the second, but finally expired on the third strike. I chalk that up to having found a somewhat defensible corner rather than to any personal robustness on the spider's part.

As I was lacing up my shoes however, I pondered why it was that I killed the thing. What was it about the spider and about me that were incompatible? As I considered it, I realized that the main thing that offended me was that it was a "wild" arachnid living in my home. I had no control over it. Perhaps it would crawl on me in my sleep? Maybe it would find it's way into some food? If the thing lived in my back yard, I would suffer it to live, but having found it in my house, I was disposed to dispose of it.

Of course, that got me to thinking about God and sinners, and how a sinner is not unlike a rebellious spider in the eyes of God. The sinner will not obey, and God is within His right to punish that sinner as He sees fit.

Now, the analogy isn't perfect, as it is universally accepted that big, gnarly, hairy, spiders are "yucky" and people are created in God's image, and therefore have more dignity than the spider, etc. But the analogy isn't so far off that it is unintelligible. We are, compared to God, less than spiders, and our sin makes us far more "icky" than our appearance.

When the scriptures say that creation declares the glory of the Lord, it isn't meant to be poetry, it is the literal truth. Creation declares the glory of God, to all, and it is evident to those who have eyes to see it.
posted by Daniel @ 8:27 AM  
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