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Friday, July 03, 2009
The Sting of Obligation
There is a man who while riding home from work determined in his heart to perform an act of kindness to his wife that night. He knew there had been company that day (a kids party, and coffee for the attendant adults), and company last evening so that the supper dishes were set aside. In short, he knew that it was his wife's turn to do the dishes, and that the pile was nigh biblical in proportions, and having set his affection on his wife, he determined to surprise her by immediately doing the dishes when he got home.

As is often the case with such things, he dreamed about how happy this would make her, and relished in the thought all the way home.

When he came in the door, even before he had set aside his working clothes, she accosted him at the door, "I have been waiting all day for you to get home, I am going out - I need a break! - do you think you can do the dishes while I am gone?"

This same man who spent the last half hour waiting impatiently to get home so that he could pour out his generosity on his wife in the act of doing dishes, suddenly has a change of heart. What was to be a generous gift, an opportunity to extend affection and kindness - now smells of obligation. The thought that his wife, whom only moments ago he sought so well to please, now expects some service from him stinks in his nose - that kind soul who was but fifteen minutes ago transported by the raptures of heart in the thought of doing some wonderful service for his wife, is not to be found in the wide-eyed, rebel that presently is chafing under this untimely obligation.

His heart churns within him, "She has turned what was supposed to be an act of affection into an act of servitude, and in doing so, spoiled everything!"

What just happened? Did the work load suddenly change? No, he had planned to do the dishes all the way home. Why then does his heart wring itself over this expectation? Not for the work itself, but because the work is expected of him. If it is his idea, then it is a joy, if it is someone requiring it of him, then it is an unwelcome obligation.

That is what rebellion looks like. It has nothing to do with the request, and everything to do with the heart. The rebellious heart says, "I will not have the Lord rule over me!" - that is the default condition of our flesh. We love to serve the Lord when it suits us to do so because our service is a generosity poured out of a sovereign life - but let us feel the yoke of obligation, and that same service is begrudgingly given, and that with much secret resentment.

Everything about the flesh is ugly and sinful. That is the way the flesh is - it hates to be under the yoke of obligation. It doesn't matter what is expected of it - as long as it is expected to do something, or not do something, it instantly rebels against the yoke.

When we see this about ourselves, we see why we mustn't walk in the flesh, but in the Spirit. The flesh is not just a nest of sinful temptations - it is in rebellion against God, and will not, and cannot be made subject to God. That doesn't mean that we can't obey God, it means that obedience - a "right" obedience - cannot rise up from the flesh. All the flesh will do is rebel against any and all obligation.

Understand this about what you do. The bible tells us to do what we do unto the Lord for a reason. The man, had he set his heart on serving God in doing the dishes, rather than in serving his wife in doing the dishes there would have been no room for an upset when the wife dumped on him. Perhaps he would have even smiled to think that the Lord prepared him for it.

Apply this kind of thinking to your walk. When scripture tells us to do what we do unto the Lord, don't let that just be an empty command, dig into it - taste and see that the Lord's way is good, even perfect.
posted by Daniel @ 7:12 AM  
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