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Friday, June 26, 2009
On Casting Out Demons of Homosexuality...
By now you have probably read, and maybe already forgotten, about the video clip of some church in Bridgeport, Connecticut performing a ritual described in the media, and by the (female) pastor as "casting out a demon of homosexuality" out of a 16 year old male.

Robin McHaelen, the executive director for a gay youth advocacy and mentoring program seems to suggest that the ritual hurt the kid, but only unintentionally. In her own words, she said, "None of the people in this video were intending to hurt this kid." What bothered McHaelen wasn't the intent, but the message, we get that in this quote from her, "He's 16 and having the feelings that he's having, the relationships he's having, and then [he's] being tormented by 'What if I'm going to go to hell because of what I feel and who I am?'"

That last quote caused me to write this post.

Listen: Do you want to know who we all are? We are all sinners. Every person who goes to hell, does so because of "what they feel" and "who they are." The fact of the matter is we are sinners, and we love sin. We don't want to surrender to God, we want to rule our own lives. If this kid weren't dealing with homosexuality, he would still suffer from the same problem - he is going to hell because He wants to indulge what he feels and wants to rule his own life (i.e. to be "who he is").

I don't think homosexuality is necessarily a demonic problem, whether demonic influence plays some role, and how big a role that is, ought not to be Christianity's prime concern. Our prime concern is that people learn that you don't go to hell because you're gay, you go to hell because you refuse to be reconciled to God on His terms; that is, you reject God's rule over your life, your mouth can pay lip service to the gospel, but if your heart doesn't bow before the King (that is, if you refuse His rightful rule in your life), you have not entered the kingdom. Your mouth can't enter in when your heart has stayed behind.

About the video itself... I haven't watched it, but I read about it. Maybe a demon was making this boy writhe around on the ground during the ceremony - maybe ... but it is just as likely he was doing it himself because he felt that was expected of him. I think the kid should have just surrendered himself to Christ instead.

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