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Thursday, January 08, 2009
Raising Awareness
Recently I was invited through an email to partake in a very noble sounding cause - raising awareness about the sexual exploitation of children. The letter pointed me to a website where I could get more information about how to raise awareness and more importantly what I can do to "take action". The email closed with the encouraging words, "Every positive action is a step closer to ending child abuse."

First and foremost: The sexual exploitation of anyone is not only deplorable, it is illegal in my country, and probably in yours as well. I don't think that anyone who engages in this sort of thing is actually unaware of that.

What caught my eye, however, was the absurd notion that we could actually eradicate child abuse by being better informed about it.

Think that through for a second. Do sexual predators really abuse children simply because they don't know it is wrong? Can you imagine?

Officer: Mr. Doe, you were caught soliciting a thirteen year old prostitute for sex. That, sir, is sexually exploiting a child!

John Doe: It is???? Whodathunkit? Well, now that I know, I certainly won't do that again. I thought it was alright to buy sex from children - no one ever said nuffin 'bout it a'fore.

Officer: Well, sir, now that you know, you can spread the word, as soon as everyone knows it, all sexual exploitation of children will stop.

John Doe: I sure will. Thanks for the info!

Raising awareness about sexual exploitation is not going to eradicate the problem, because the problem is not that perverts lack information, it is that given opportunity, sinners will sin, and will do so knowing full well that what they are doing is reprehensible and wrong.

The idea that any culture can bring perversion to an end is ill-informed, and the idea that our morally bankrupt culture could do so through raising awareness is not only ill informed, it is ridiculous.

We should be "raising awareness" that perversion will necessarily increase as our society continues to sacrifice objective morality on the altar of personal freedom. We need to take action against the moral decay that permeates our whole system by reexamining whether the kind of "freedom" we get with out of control immorality is actually the sort of freedom we want.

I am convinced that obesity is the best "punishment" for gluttony. As our culture gluts itself on personal freedom, it becomes obese in its own immorality. As it continues to bulge out, eventually it will die under its own weight - as every morally "out of control" culture through-out all recorded history has (without exception) done, -- bar none.

I don't know what our society's fascination with raising awareness is either. I suppose it is a great way to do nothing but feel good about looking like you did, in the mean time, you can host all sorts of recreational events to provide everyone with a grand time of leisure, all the while doing something noble.

Leave it to America to find a way to get together, drink beer, eat BBQ, play games, and come away feeling like mother Theresa for it, because this week we were raising awareness about the sexual exploitation of children. At the end, we go home with yet another pastel, "eight cent" silicone bracelet to show everyone how involved we are in our community.



posted by Daniel @ 12:02 PM  
  • At 1:15 PM, January 08, 2009, Blogger Jim said…

    So I'm guessing you were a bit cynical of the whole approach. ;)

  • At 1:54 PM, January 08, 2009, Blogger Daniel said…

    Jim, you read me like a book. You have seen, no doubt, the local propaganda? Nothing makes people feel better, I guess, than talking about something, and imagining that doing so actually translates into actually "doing" something about it.

    The problem is sin - and watching our culture try to solve the problem by "raising awareness" is bizarre. I mean, you'd expect at some point someone to stand up and proclaim that the emperor has no clothes - but it doesn't happen.

  • At 7:54 PM, January 08, 2009, Blogger David said…

    I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of increasing sarcasm on the internet ...

  • At 7:46 AM, January 09, 2009, Blogger donsands said…

    Humans will fix everything, child abuse, schools, even AIDs through human effort. We can do it if we really try hard enough, and are educated.

    Humanism don't work. Even Christian-humanism don't work.

    "Conservative humanism is just as wrong as liberal humanism." -Frances Schaeffer

    Those were some good words Daniel. Thanks.

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