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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
It's Finally Eventually Here!
If you will recall, sometime in September of last year I began perusing amazon.ca in an attempt to secure for purchase a used copy of Macromedia Studio 8. Specifically I wanted a newer version of Macromedia "Flash".

I managed to find a copy of the whole studio for $150 CAD, and quickly put in an order, only to find the seller's PayPal account was all messed up or something, and Amazon cancelled the transaction after a couple of days.

Not lightly discouraged, I found another seller, this time selling the package for $190. I bit the bullet again, and again the deal fell through. I wanted version 8 because it was the last version put out by Macromedia before Abode bought out the company, labelled it Adobe CS3, bundled it with Photoshop and raised the price higher to that of purchasing a small Mediterranean island. Even just the stand alone Flash from Adobe is currently priced at $900.00 CAD - which is frankly $750 more than I am willing to shell out for a piece of software.

I tried again, and this time the transaction went through. Then I waited. A month of silence passed in which the seller did not reply to any of my email, and eventually I had to apply to Amazon for a refund - which the politely and promptly gave. I tried again, and my transaction went through again. This time the vendor promptly sent me a CD copy of the software he had burned himself, along with a note explaining that he didn't have the serial number yet, but planned to email me it as soon as he got it. Sigh. Can you say "Pirate?" I applied to Amazon again for a refund, and again promptly got one.

I realized that I hadn't been praying about this, so at some point I talked it over with the Lord. I had been faithful in that I didn't want to use stolen (albeit cheaper!) software, and that my intentions were good (one thing I thought I might use it for is a ministry project with my kids - making a gospel tract together, since the planning of project would require much godly conversation, and be fun at the same time), and I left it at that.

Two weeks ago I was browsing again, and saw an older version (version 7) being sold for $50 CAD -brand, spanking new (still in the box!). Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004. To give you an appreciation for what a deal that is, if I had purchased an even older version and wanted to upgrade it to this version I could pay upwards of $350 US. Needless to say, it seemed too good to be true, but I jumped at it anyway.

It arrived in the mail today - real, legitimate, and impossibly cheap.

Thank you Lord.

I shall be playing with it over the next few months, so look for some refinements to the blog's look and feel eventually.


posted by Daniel @ 9:27 PM  
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