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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Gluttony - a real sin!
In April of this year, my doctor suggested that I lose some weight.

Can you imagine? Sure, my BMI was into the "obese" range, but frankly I am of a larger frame than most - even if I am somewhat diminutive in stature (5' 8") . As a member of our church leadership team, and as a deacon in the church - not to mention the father of three, and otherwise active member of both the church and my own family - I could not fathom the idea that I would have the time to exercise. Was it my fault that my job (a computer programmer) was a sedentary one?

Well, the sad reality is that I wasn't obese because my job was sedentary, nor was I obese because I was a good father or deacon. I was obese because I ate too much - in biblical terms, I was a glutton.

We don't like to use that word these days. Surely in the world of fattening foods and growing commitments, one can hardly blame a sedentary person for their portly posture? But I considered my own heart the moment I thought about losing weight. Never once did the idea of restricting my food intake enter into my head - that particular scenario was off limits. I had a right to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it.

So like most people in denial about their gluttony, I harbored a genuine concern for my health with regards to the weight that I was carrying around - and so rather than restrict my eating habits, I looked into exercising. I decided to get a bike and ride it to work each day, five days a week (About 19 miles a day or so) - this would surely cause me to begin dropping pounds like crazy.

However, after the first week of effort, I was quite exhausted, and had lost hardly one pound of weight. It was at this point that I actually looked into how much work one had to do in order to both lose and gain a pound. The numbers work out like this: In order to gain a pound of fat, one needs to consume 3500 more calories than the body needs. In my case, consulting height and weight tables, I knew that I could safely consume about 2000 calories a day without putting on any additional weight. That worked out to like, a small breakfast, a tasteless lunch, and perhaps a child's portion of a half decent supper. If I were to say, drop into McDonalds at sometime during that day and order say, two big Macs, a large fries, and a large shake - (a total of around 3400 calories) - I could put on a pound of fat in just one day!

Losing a pound of fat however was something different altogether. For my weight and height, I would have to jog for eight and a half hours to lose one pound of fat.

I considered that carefully. One McMeal = 8.5 hours of physical punishment...

That was when I realized that I was never, ever going to lose weight through exercise alone, and it was at this point that I understood how much of a glutton I had been in the past.

You see, as I alluded to earlier, I didn't even consider reducing the amount of food I ate - not for a minute. Yet when I looked at the numbers I knew that I could not lose weight any other way.

At first I tried to get around the facts - you know, I could diet and lose a bunch of weight (Or better yet, have a "holy", yet ever so convenient fast....), but the more I considered it, the more I began to see that I was avoiding the real problem - that I simply and consistently was eating too much.

Scripture says that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. I don't think that Jesus was referring specifically to me in this instance, but something happened when I admitted to God that I was a glutton - I mean, I had done it many times before, but never in repentance - it had always been lip service. But this time I understood that I was a real glutton, and that I needed to repent of it just as one repents of any sin.

So I did.

It has only been nine weeks now, but I have lost 26 pounds in that time. I stayed away from all the fad diets and simply began to eat less of what I normally eat (and even started eating some healthy things) and began to exercise daily. The weight started coming off immediately!

Now, being a programmer, I am a numbers kind of a fellow, so I examined the weight I was losing - was it water? Real fat? ..Gulp... muscle? I had read enough to understand that many people starve themselves and in doing so lose some weight - but the weight that they lose isn't just fat - but a lot of it is muscle. In the end they end up being just as unhealthy as they were before they started - only now they have much less muscle. So I kept a close eye on what kind of weight I was losing. Apparently you need to keep your protein up - this helps you to maintain the muscle you do have, while losing the fat.

I like to talk about the numbers, so forgive my boring tangent there - but the bottom line is that we in North America have overlooked gluttony as a sin. Even in our pulpits I see plus-size pastors everywhere (except in those churches where image is so important that a person would for vanity's sake do whatever it cost to look their best).

If we as teachers and pastors overlook our own gluttony, we do this church a disservice. I for one have been delivered out of it, and by God's grace, assuming I remain humble, I will continue to overcome this sin. My encouragement for those who are overweight and in the faith - repent.
posted by Daniel @ 1:07 PM  
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